When Naloxone is not Available

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So we have looked at treating opioid overdose when there is naloxone available and ready to be used. However, in this video, we will have a brief look at what you can do if there is not any available. The first, and the most important thing to do is to immediately call the EMS. By alerting them to what has happened and furthermore that you do not have any naloxone available, they can send the correct help to you as quickly as possible. After you have done this, place the patient in the recovery position. It is also extremely beneficial if done correctly, and these benefits have already been talked about in previous videos. Remember, if at any point during this, they completely stop breathing, start CPR immediately. This could also be life-saving even if carried out crudely for a few minutes until the ambulance arrives. By keeping blood flowing to their brain and their organs, really can save their life.