Post Administration Recovery

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After giving naloxone, once it starts to work, the person will wake up. When this happens, they are likely to be starting to experience withdrawal symptoms, this is due to the way that naloxone works. They will likely to be very confused, therefore, take the time to briefly explain what has happened and why you did what you did. Then go on to reassure them that the possible withdrawal symptoms that they are experiencing are only temporary and will wear off. However, just because they are awake, does not mean that the opioids have been removed from their body. It is a possibility that they may fall back unconscious again, this can happen quite a lot, so make sure that if it does happen, you administer another dose. Consequently, just because they are awake does not mean they are in the clear just yet, stay alert and do not leave them until the paramedics arrive, they will help you and instruct you on what to do next. Once they have arrived, you can take a deep breath and start to relax. Your actions probably stopped that person from deteriorating further and possibly just even prevented prevent a death. Treating someone for an opioid overdose can be extremely taxing on both your physical and psychological health.

Be sure to have a long, well-deserved rest after. If you are possibly feeling down or having negative thoughts about the event, be sure to contact your GP as your health is just as important as the patient.